Treeman Knives

Jim "Treeman" Behring is a lifelong native of Michigan.  He spent his childhood with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other.  Starting at the age of 16, Jim worked in a forging die shop for the next 13 years, interrupted by a tour of duty in the Army as a Recon Scout for the 3/32 ACR. He acquired many of his forging and metal working skills at the shop, before moving into carpentry, then landscaping, and finally into the Timber buying and a land clearing business. The "Treeman" name evolved naturally from his line of work. Treeman Knives started in 1998 and has been going strong ever since.

Though he takes great satisfaction in the creation of knives and the high regard his customers have for his work, Jim feels even more strongly about the less tangible aspects of his craft. He says, "It's not just about collecting knives, or making and selling them. It goes a lot deeper than that. Because of my association with knives and knife making, I've met people from all over the country. And I've made a lot of good friends."

If you know anything about Jim Behring, Treeman Knives, you know that he gives you your moneys worth. Well-made knives from hunting to combat with the experience and knowledge to make them.

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