Ken Largin of Kelgin Knives has probably made more knives than any living knife maker, over 75,000. Kershaw Knives made a commemorative knife on his 30th anniversary in 2008. Ken’s long career has several highlights.  General Colin Powell gave Kelgin knives to all the POW’s and General Schwarzkopf after the first Gulf War. Ken also made several knives for the late Paul Harvey and for Andy Griffith to use in an episode of the Matlock TV show. Ken and Paula trained the Green Berets in 2009, and a knife selection/sharpening course they helped put together is now used for the 1800 Green Beret candidates that try out every year. Paula has been making knives for 15 years and is best known for the Paula’s Hunter which was carried by the Orvis Company for years. Ken and Paula retired from knife making in 2005 to focus on teaching. They started the Kelgin Knife Makers Co-Op in 2006 next to Smoky Mountain Knife Works to help preserve the craft.