About Us

I’m Charlie Cline and thanks for stopping by Cline Knives. Most of you know me as the blade trader, BLADE TRADERS KNIVES, eBay store. We have been on eBay for over 15 years as a hobby business and decided to make our own web site especially for the sportsman and collectors.

My love for knives started when I was 12 years of age and I bought my first case pocket knife for 25 cents. The hardware store where I bought it at had burned down to the ground a few days before. The knife smelled like smoke but it survived the fire and was in great shape.

In 2003, the late Jim Parker started me selling Bulldog Brand Knives on eBay. It was a great learning experience between all the different styles of pocket knives and handle materials. A year later Ken and Paula Largin, Kelgin Fine Cutlery,  introduced me to fixed blade hunting knives. In those early days I would send Ken a pile of money and he would send a pile of knives. It was like Christmas at our house when we opened Ken’s box and not knowing what the next knife would look like. It created a lot of excitement. As a extra bonus Ken and Paula taught me knife making. That started another direction of the business making my own knives under C.A. Cline. In September of 2013,  I was having a problem in finding sheath makers to make sheaths that would actually fit my knives. Well,  you guessed it!  Sheath making is now a big part of our operation. We started our forging operation in 2014 and now we produce railroad spike knive with sheaths.

Our family has been in two locations during the evolution of the knife business. We were located in Lakeland Florida and moved to the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. It seems we have moved to an area that is loaded with beautiful scenery, knife makers and artist.

We hope you enjoy our site!