Esee Model 4 Custom Outback Leather Knife Sheath - Dark Brown


Custom USA made Esee model 4 sheath or for any other similar sized knife.


This sheath is a 7" by 2" interior size. It is a custom hand made genuine leather sheath in Dark Brown.  It will fit a knife that is 8" to 9 " in overall length, no more than 1 1/2" wide on the blade, including finger guard if any and handle material that is no more than 1" thick.  This one has plain leather and has nice looking grain in the leather.  The sheath may or may not have range marks such as bug bites, cuts and scrapes.  Range marks add to the rustic nature of a sheath. The leather is 9 oz. material with a 9 oz. welt that is lock stitched.  It has a 3" belt loop with a makers mark on the back. This awesome looking leather sheath will fit nicely on your belt. The one pictured is the one you will receive.  Well made sheath and it's ready to go and priced to sell.